About the Camel

Operating from a designer’s philosophy, we bring to life spaces that reflect our clients’ needs, personalities and lifestyles.

The Camel's History

It all began in 2004...
Two ambitious entrepreneurs who grew up in Dubai together shared the idea of starting a creative interior design and fit-out company that was different to everything else in Dubai—as different as a Bluecamel. And so, the company was born.
Blue Camel operates from a designer’s philosophy. We understand how to turn design dreams into practical reality, combining passion with industry knowledge and expertise.
Our clients love the Blue Camel difference—a one-stop shop for interior design and fit-out. With our roots here in the UAE, this is our life; was our playground, now it's our workplace. We are associated with the UAE's culture and environment, and our growth path has always mirrored the country's long-term vision.
With almost two decades of market experience, Blue Camel Design has come of age.

The Camel's vision

Our vision is a world where human well-being and beauty are at the core of every interior design.

The Camel's Mission

Blue Camel is dedicated to bringing life to empty spaces to reflect our clients' personalities, needs and lifestyles.

The Camel Approach

We view work on site like conducting an orchestra; we bring all project elements together in harmony: your design vision made real.
Blue Camel adopts a custom team approach to each project. This personal approach begins from the moment we meet. We take time to understand the project brief and requirements and then find the best ways to bring it to life. We then go through the project cost, lifecycle and deliverables. Once we on-board the project, we begin grafting.
At any given point in time, a project encompasses a whole range of dedicated professionals—including directors, designers and architects, project managers, sub-contractors and suppliers—all of whom are fully dedicated to the success of the project.
Our operations and technical team is experienced in handling authority approvals and adjusting to the complexities of local authority requirements so you don’t have to.

Design Process

Clarify vision, strategies, goals and values, research client needs and requirements, align with key decision makers.
Phase 1


Refine shop drawings, produce MEP shop drawings, propose specification booklet, share information and drawings with the quantity survey team.
Phase 2

Fitout Work

Commence work on the site, setup weekly progress meetings. Dailysite inspection by project manager to ensure compliance with specs and high quality standards.
Phase 3

Project Completion

We experiment, execute and deliver projects to our client’s expectations according to the agreed time frame and allocated budgets.
Phase 4

The Founding Camels

We believe our practice is responsible for the wellbeing of all who inhabit our work.
Portrait of Patrick and Bruno the founding Camels
From nursery, kindergarten to high school in Dubai, followed by university years abroad and then back to Dubai, Patrick & Bruno have grown up with Dubai since the late 70s. Through the years, they have witnessed the UAE rise from a mere spot on the map to one of the world's leading hubs.
Dubai’s world-renown nature of being visionary, imaginative with the can-do attitude inspires them everyday and is reflected through their work and their company. Hence, the name Blue Camel speaks of their dynamic upbringing and Dubai roots since the age of 1.

Teamwork & Company Culture

We are driven. Our staff have the drive to grow too. We want to be able to feed that growth in people and ignite their passion. We believe the only way to keep growing is to have your people grow with you.
With over ten years in the market, Blue Camel is clearly committed to strong company growth and development. We believe if you grow internally, you will grow externally. PEOPLE MAKE PEOPLE.
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